Hiya! I’m Devinder. Besides working full-time, I’m a food photographer and stylist, and a recipe developer in my spare time. I’m an Indian-born, living in the stunning and vibrant city of Amsterdam for many years now. My mum always says that I have become more of a Dutchie than Indian in the past few years. Mums gotta be mums :)

For me, cooking is the beating heart. My friends call me a dab hand in the kitchen. My lust for cooking springs from my love of eating… I definitely am a complete diet failure person! 

Having spent a good number of years in India, I was introduced to a plethora of tantalising foods and condiments. This is the reason why my palate bounces from one exquisite spice to the other. I love storming up simple, aromatic recipes; it's also because they are quick, and the quicker they are, the sooner I can eat. I relish all things sensibly and with simplicity.

Like most people, I love to travel; it's my second biggest pleasure, which pretty well goes with my lunacy for food and shooting pictures. If I am not behind the hob, I am on my bicycle, exploring the city with my camera. 

So here I am blending my two avocations, and needless to say, the recipes I put together, and sharing them with you. Take a look around and shoot me an email with your questions or comments!


Thanks for swinging by!